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October | 11 | 2017

5 Helpful Resources for Fire Protection Maintenance (Just in time for Fire Prevention Week)

Recent wildfires have brought the subject of fire prevention front and center in many households and workplace conversations across the U.S.  Admirably, many will try to help in any way that they can, and luckily there are various resources to help facilitate support to those in need.  

In the fire safety industry, the month of October is typically when we shine a spotlight on fire prevention and encourage families and businesses to take a moment to plan and reflect.  This year National Fire Prevention Week is being commemorated October 8th through the 14th, and has been formally recognized in the form of a White House proclamation.  So what can you do to be an active participant in Fire Prevention Week?  Here are some helpful resources to get you thinking about your own life safety and fire protection systems:

1. Free Checklists for Fire Protection Inspections, Testing & Maintenance

Plan and prepare for routine maintenance with daily, weekly and yearly checklists that help provide peace of mind and education surrounding NFPA25 code compliance.

2Quick & Easy Educational Guides to Special Hazards Fire Protection

20170628_103411-100762-edited.jpgTake a two-minute crash course on special hazards systems like clean agent fire suppression and early warning fire detection systems.  These special fire systems are preferred by building engineers in charge of operating mission critical or high-risk facilities, and/or buildings with critical assets that cannot be exposed to smoke or water.  

Find out how to protect critical spaces with Special Hazards

3. Manufacturer's Recommendations for Filter Replacement for Early Warning Fire Detection Systems

At home we use Fire Prevention Week as an annual reminder to change out the batteries on our smoke detectors.  Building engineers and facility managers can be inspired to do the same thing at work.  For those responsible for maintaining facilities with critical environments, a data center, hospital or laboratory utilizing special hazards for example, there are maintenance reminders for early warning fire detection systems (such as VESDA).  

4. Family Toolkits for Fire Emergency Planning at Home

The NFPA reminds us that "every second counts" and it is important to plan ways to safely escape in the case of a fire emergency.  Families can prepare using kid-friendly videos, lesson plans and downloadable planning worksheets from a trusted fire protection authority.

5. Informative Blog Articles Covering News/Trends Related to Building Operations

Follow the latest developments in the world of facilities & construction, and learn tips from the pros when it comes to fire protection, plumbing and HVAC system maintenance.  Check in at your own pace, or subscribe to receive articles and commentary directly to your inbox for your next coffee break.  Recent topics have included:


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