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December | 11 | 2017

3 Stories Building Engineers Might Have Missed this Year (But Shouldn't Have)

Amidst the year-end reviews, budgeting for 2018,  last minute meetings before holiday vacation and (oh by the way) Christmas shopping, many people will read their fair share of year-in-review articles over the next few weeks.  Throughout the year, we've tapped into resources to provide valuable information, research and expertise on our blog to help building engineers, facility managers and anyone in the building industry make their jobs easier.  

To kickstart this year's onslaught of year-in-review stories, here are our top three most viewed stories for 2017:

3. Why HVAC is the Center of Attention at Sustainable Healthcare Facilities

Earlier this year, the politics of healthcare drove many conversations in Washington and around the country.  Here in New England, owners and operators of healthcare facilities found themselves discussing patient care, the uncertainty surrounding healthcare funding and energy.  

As we learned in this article from June 2017, HVAC systems have direct correlations to all three of these hot topics.  

2. Common Misconceptions about Halon 1301 and the 1 Thing You Need to Know
In October, during National Fire Prevention Week, readers sought out a wide range of educational information surrounding fire protection systems, requirements and best practices.  Understanding Halon alternatives and Halon replacements continues to keep engineers curious, particularly because Halon 1301 is one of the most effective clean agents used in fire protection. Despite the successful track record however, Halon and other special hazards carry some common misconceptions, and this article helped shed some light on the subject.

1. What Building Owners Need to Know about Upcoming Changes in Commercial HVAC Regulations

Beginning January 1, 2018, minimum efficiency standards for rooftop units (RTU) will increase by 10% over current requirements.  The changes set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy are only a month away from taking effect, and any facility with commercial HVAC systems should consider taking a closer look at its rooftop units.  

Our most-read article in 2017 provides a quick overview of the forthcoming changes HVAC regulations, and a few suggestions for next steps for facility managers.

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