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August | 25 | 2017

3 Areas Where Commercial Plumbing Service Really Matters

Boston’s recent growth in construction and development has provided the city with a host of multi-purpose facilities that provide the community and its residents with office space, apartments, hotels, shops and restaurants.  For those tasked with operating these varied facilities, managing the crisis of today is a job that is increasingly more difficult and more complex.  Within each of these spaces lies a risk that few think about until an issue suddenly arises; the risk of a drain clog or sewer backup.  

A clog or backup can create health or safety issues, impact guest/customer comfort, and in some circumstances, send operations to a grinding halt.  Here are some common areas within a building where commercial drain cleaning can help keep a business running smoothly:

1. Bathrooms – Office buildings, convention spaces, hotels, or any location with public access to rest rooms might have dozens, if not hundreds, of bathroom drains with the potential for clogging. Often toilets and sinks are the primary culprits.  Commercial plumbing service and preventative maintenance programs are two of the most effective solutions, minimizing risk and keeping you out of trouble.

2. Kitchens – Any space with a restaurant or cafeteria will have a commercial kitchen with sinks, garbage disposals, grease traps, and drainage for walk-in coolers. These facilities are held to strict requirements for health & sanitation inspections and could suffer harmful consequences should a sewer issue arise.

3. Sewer Mains – A clog in any building’s main sewer line is apt to cause trouble in other areas throughout the facility, which can often lead to downtime. In a commercial setting, professional drain cleaning companies often use cameras to conduct video pipe inspections that will diagnose the problem and better inform the contractor as to the quickest way to clear any blockages and make any repairs.


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